the planning, design, supervising, implementations and maintenance of work zone traffic control is necessary.

Work zone traffic control is an important function necessary in providing a safe environment in those areas where workers and transportation modes may compete for common or adjacent space.  Every reasonable effort should be made to reduce the risk of injury to both the worker and the transportation system user in these areas of potential conflicting interests.  In order to achieve this goal, proper training of all personnel involved in 

A&SW Consultants, Inc. is an approved Provider for your Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) needs!  A&SW is an established firm that has held hundreds of training courses throughout the State of Florida.  We have over 90 years of combined, diverse experience you may utilize to your benefit.  We pride ourselves on providing the BEST instructors with the education and field knowledge that will help your understanding of each class.  A&SW has taught Florida Department of Transportation roadway and bridge construction inspection certification classes since 2009.  

Stacey White


Stacey has been in the construction industry for 14 years.  During these years she has gained experience in all aspects of construction inspection.  Moving through the Geotechnical Dept, the Drilling Dept, the Autocad Dept, the Marketing Dept, then finally Office Administrator, Stacey's knowledge will be at your service.

Andy White

Owner / Instructor

Andrew has over 16 years of experience in the construction inspection field.   This includes over 10 years  of  teaching in this field.  

Mr. White's field experience is the key to his teaching technique, as it helps him relate course material to real, hands-on experience.